Oh geex Flandre Scarlet's at it again!!

Reimu only has one life left... but luckily she's learned a new trick or two!!

Controls Not Working?

Try the Windows version or play it at http://songsing.github.io/reimu-learns-time-travel/


Arrow Keys - Movement

Shift - Focus (Slows your movement, reveals your hitbox, decreases spread on your shots)

Z - Shoot

X - Hold to travel back in time!

S - Toggle sound

Q - Toggle time travel mode (Default is A)

Time Travel

By holding down X, you can make time flow backwards for up to a few seconds, depending on your resource bar's (located at the bottom of the screen) fullness attribute, which will be referred to as juice.

The inner (red)  bar of your resource bar indicates the danger zone!! oh no, if you find yourself in this zone, you will be unable to initiate a rewind, and if you're damaged you will use the last of your juice to travel back to the beginning of the fight.

If you're damaged with enough juice to be out of the danger zone, your juice will be halved (bottoming out at the danger zone), so try to rewind before you're hit!

If none of that makes sense, just play the game and see what

In mode A (default, white resource bar), Reimu will travel alongside the flow of time and will retrace her steps.

In mode B (blue resource bar), Reimu is free to move and is impervious to damage during the rewind's duration.

Play whichever you have more fun with!


Made by SongSing with Phaser in ~3 days for the 2nd Touhou Game Jam. I hope there's no bugs!!!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
TagsBullet Hell, danmaku, Time Travel, Touhou




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I can't move

This is really cool! I liked it a lot!


Amazing job! No bugs on the GitHub page. There are many places where you can easily hide, and that just made the game even better. This game was truly amazing, made me really think about my placement, and how to use the time travel effectively. (I think that all places where you can ‘hide’ can only be accessed using time travel mode B) Overall, an incredible job, and I love the ending. noice drawing skills